Graduated from Columbia University, Tony Wang is a famous host, actor, theater director, lives in New York. He owns the top grade of Chinese Mandarin, and is named “the most beautiful voice of the 21st century” by the famous performance artist Zhao Bing. As a host and actor, Tony has been performed on the world class stage such as Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Off Broadway, United Nations Headquarters, and Washington Capitol Hill. Hundreds of films, screens and stage experiences have made him the top host and guest performer at major festivals, awards ceremonies and other events in US. Tony is also a recital artist, a dubbing artist, a golden microphone public speaker, and he is proficient at Chinese crosstalks and other comics. As an avant-garde director, he has directed seven complete Chinese and Western plays/dramas, and has signed to direct many latest works from a number of producers and playwrights. Tony is also a concert pianist and piano teacher.

王皓松 (Tony Wang),著名主持人、演、舞台剧导演,居美国纽约。普通甲等,被著 名表演艺术兵先生称为“21最美的声音。作主持人和演多次登上林肯中心、卡耐 基音乐厅、外百老合国部、国会山庄等世界舞台。百余次影、屏和舞台经 历让他成美国各大文晚会、艺术节颁奖典礼和各常客级别的主持人及演出嘉。他 同也是一位,朗诵艺术家,配音艺术家,金筒演,精通相声小品等表演形式。作一 名先派青年演,至今七部完整的中西典和原舞台,并与多位制作人和作家签 约导演其最新的作品。他同也是一位音琴演奏家和琴教